I am looking for a clan!


Hiya! I’m looking for a clan! Leaderboard place don’t matter as long as clan gets 1000 wiuns per season!
I won’t be incredibly active, 4-5 days a week… I’ve been narrowing down on my doses, but I’ll meet any win requirements below 70…
I’m rank 7-5…


join our its called LOL all caps


Do you get 1000 wins a season?


sometimes 1/10 times we dont get 1000 wins


If you want you can join my clan
“the hunters of worlds”
It’s fully open to anyone


you can join our clan “Amon steel smashers”


вот на наш клан го до нас правила 35 побед за 7 днив не заходиш в игру 3 дня кик и без матов


english??? lol


Dont worry I have rhe power of google translate!
He says:
Here on our clan go to us rules 35 victories in 7 days do not enter the game 3 days kick and without mats