I am literally too OP


But seriously @dave not my alt :expressionless:


IT’S NOT DAVE! You are @2ab’s alt!


Ps. Can we don’t go off-topic miore?


This is already off topic, you are an alt of 2ab.

End of Conversation.


I ended it 6 minutes ago :man_facepalming:


Alright, you are not 2ab’s alt.


Hello @Dave.
I’m sorry the whole forum’s hostility scared you away.

But please don’t flex unless you actually show your mechs and all that crap. Because lik everyone here, I am also overly butthurt.



i like how the dude made an account 13 hours ago, made a post 13 hours ago, and was last seen 13 hours ago. made a post to rile up a bunch of idiots and disappeared. i got respect for whoevers’ alt that is.


Bruce’s alt? He keep saying it’s my alt
In conan that mean: Dave is his account.


hey name thief!


I SAID it’s NOT Dave that’s your alt!


I don’t think it’s anyone’s alt.


I take pride in my idiocracy thank you much


this lil sh*t think he good… watch him get pummeled in rank 20 with an all epic bot
(res on purpose)


Why you revived lol…x


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