I am literally too OP



what has this lines of replys turned into


I got rank 3 last season :slight_smile:


Here’s mine. I really want to see just how OP he really is :smiling_imp:




Can this pls stop pls


I think he’s an alt of somebody else because he hasn’t been on since this post.


Call me noob, I’m still probably better than Dave :wink:


Umm do you want to say any last word?


He’ll probably cry in terror.


Did you drink bleach?


Did you create any new alts?


Me or him? :thinking:


You ARE him! Do you know how I know that? I saw you once edit a picture and deleting it on your main and posting the exact same picture on your ALT!

Alright end of conversation let’s not get too off topic.


But nah I’m not that arrogant :slight_smile:
And really I’m NOT HIM.




I’m not saying that you are arrogant!


Moved this post to off-topic. Limits no longer apply, knock yourselves out :joy:


Wait you are talking about me and @2ab or @dave ?


Stop trying to stray away from what I’m talking about!


But seriously, you shouldn’t create alts!