I am literally too OP


I believe him :slight_smile:


So, you’re OP? Good to know. Let’s find out just how OP you are.

2v2 me bro, if you dare :sunglasses:


I think Dave just wanted attention.


Damn i’m scared now



Not possible.


this dude a bite genius xd


Yet to get a response. Something tells me he isn’t as OP as he claims.


Don’t scare the boy either … maybe what he meant is that he’s OP for his rank. He says a few weeks ago … this game does not need much tactics, if you invest enough you can be OP in 1 month or less …


Doesn’t that mean he’s a smurf?


You missed your daily Tide Pod consumption today or something??

Take a break from those things and what you’re seeing will become clearer once again…


If he did have Tide Pods, he’d be dead…


Show me you’re mech(s). @Dave


I’ll show mine

If you show me yours


if you have only been playing that long, I bet you only have a few legendaries tops, I would say, literally everyone who posted before me, @DuduSantos @Trafalgar @Kn0Tn0YT @YGGM @AURAINTEGRA @SeanChoi1870 @Darkstare @Pleasurebot3000 @trophy435 @Herobrane_Gemes and so on (I can only post ten at a time, ahem), can all beat you, even me, the noob on the forum.


LOL, you could kick My ass in 5 turns easy lol

And believe me, I am hard to take down in my rank, hard, not impossible


Noob: * flexes on his trash mechs *
Forum Chads: * buthurt *


Well, I got VERY far in one month, but I don’t say I’m the best. I am, though very powerful for rank 15.


(On my noob acc) :wink:


here are my mechs, I hope
oh, nvm, I can not find me screenshots lol, i’m a dumbass, anyway I am rank 11-10


I think I’m noobier than you because I’m only Rank 14.