I am literally too OP


i started playing a few weeks ago and im already too strong and overpowered
make game harder to become op and more challenging


You drunk, my boy? :thinking:


K, try to get into top 30 without paying, in 3 months

Bait click


What is the point of this topic?

So you joined 24 minutes ago to make this pointless topic about saying you are “OP” and that the game should get “harder.”

The game is hard as it is…
Unless you are a P2W player who pays to get powerful, how about you don’t do that and play the game? And see how hard the game actually is.


Where’s the proves of you being OP ?
On what part of the game ?
Compared to what ?

Answer those questions and then, we’ll (maybe) talk


Dare to challenge me.?.? Huh lol u might not be on RANK 4 i guess mech s please. . .?.!.!.


Post your mechs and show us how “OP” and “Too Strong” you are…


If you are truly OP, meet me in global chat and I’ll take you down a peg.


Btw what got into the dudes mind…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Not sure exactly, probably another new player thinking he/she is the greatest player since they’re ranking up quickly because it’s the early ranks.


I’ll meet you in the arena and see if you’re too “OP”


i dont want us to clash

i believe you are too op


if you are op then post your mechs on chat the coward


You’re OP? Fight somebody like Lord Gorgon or one of the top players! HAVE FUN MATE!


Enough with the fight @Dave if you are Ok then please post ur mec h and have a good fight with a RANK 1 guy and enjoy.if you are not please don’t Spam useless topics that create a dispute between you and us thanks.


Lol… I feel curiosity…


What was your expression about that Wep ?

…Oh wait, I got it:
“Curiosity killed the cat”


Too OP? Wow. Rank one players sometimes consider their mechs to be “Too weak” or “Easily countered”


Oh, and soon he shall be whining about smurfs. And saying that that the game is too hard.


Prove you are op. Maybe it’s just beginners luck :wink: