I am insane , going to make the impossible for a f2p


I will try to save up every bit of token for a YEAR . Next year on this date , we’ll see how many tokens ill have


you better be honest if you fail to meet any daily quests


Doesn’t make sense as SM won’t exist next year anymore. Look at the declining userbase and do the math


Make sure you watch lots and lots of harem anime like @Fluxeon and I’m pretty sure you will have 100,000 tokens by next year


Are these the kinds of ads @Fluxeon gets? :smiley:

Also… Does that mean you won’t be spending any on sales? Well… we do have terrible drop rates on boxes… Good luck on your goal.


Shut your mouth Zarkares

Bloody nonsense



oh, I can’t stop laughing :joy: :joy_cat:


you should have seen the heated arguement between @Zarkares and @Xzyckon, @Fluxeon and @oliboy23 (me) it is getting out of hand for a 14 year old to be hooked on anime

(although i can’t talk becuse he is 2 months older than me)

i am not hooked on anime


Im sorry you dont enjoy the better things in life. That is not something to be bragging about on the forum.


I enjoy it but i m not hooked



Me: :popcorn::hushed::wine_glass:


How’d that go for ya?

Oh wait… ohh… u banned lmao


I forgot this existed.


oh boy this is some really some thing
good night my felow friends


Know how to do it? Ask me how to save? I probably save the most.