I am done with this

the amount of times the clock went from 20 to 0 is not right, and not to mention the amount of times i lost cause i got disconected, i really thisn all this should stop… if none of this happend i would be rank 4

that is the 6th time today from the new update that i lost from being dissconected… GREAT WORK SUPERMECHS

the solution is unclick the check and select again, it will works.
but if it shows network error… I have no idea

anything like this cause this is what keeps happening to me, i lose points every time as well.

sigh there goes rank 5 for the 6th time today…

and now the 7th
i think we deserve somthing for this…

it is still doing it even without the select screen

i am sick of it i lose every time because it lages out

wow now tha campain is playing up lol i thing i am turning into the enemy