I am confused so plz help


guys i got zarkares
torsos to maxed myths but i can’t make everything from them soo i am thinking to make another myth torso
which one should it be i have


Put your weapon build here. :slight_smile:


flux is typing 20 charac


i use a heat build flux and its all done
and my 2nd physical is nearly done
i want another heat or physical coz i hate energy


Show the weapons? Some builds are better with different torsos.


i got 2 anihilations
1 nigtfall
1 night eagle
and 1 mercy

for heat i got supreme cannon
currupt light
and dawn blaze


for the last mech
other 2 are nearly done


Fuse all yr stuff Into a legendRay corrupt light , fuse the corrupt light into an epic nightfall , fuse the nightfall into a rare heat module and fuse the heat mod into a common powerkit

And voila u have a maxed common powerkit, do anything you want with it


Maybe you can find some inspiration here.