I am bored of this Game


After playing SuperMechs for 4-5 years I am bored of it now . So, I am leaving
What I think is that the Mythicals has ruin the Game but its too late to remove them now
I will come at Hallowe’en to see what the hell has happened to game just for sake of old times
Well nobody really liked me. So … maybe I am leaving for good

But the best thing is you’ll never know who I really was just a free to play player or a CEO or a video game Critic or … :smiling_imp:


I didn’t say I hate you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, farewell :confused:


Yay u can finally do better things with ur time. :slight_smile:


We stay trapped here :stuck_out_tongue:


Super mechs is like that anime angel beats. We have to help everyone escape from this hell. :joy::joy:


Bye hon


Farewell mate…

May the Heat be low on you , the Energy high and the rockets infinite :slight_smile:

On a more serious side-note I do have high hopes that the game will be more likable to you again in
3 months tops … Just a hunch :wink:

So DO keep in touch with us … at least in the forum mate!

I for once may still be a noob and my mech builds suck …

… Yet I do think that in the forum I am a Knight who says:

NI …! (Google it if you do not know the EPIC MONTY PYTHONS MOVIE!)

May the Holy grenade be on thy hand :wink: :smiley:


… well that proves actually that you are no CEO or game critic … :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: (the blurred part :P)


or… :smiling_imp:


… to that I have no doubt :smiley: :innocent:


… or … you are he … https://youtu.be/AnTC1b47--4?t=2m18s


I look better than him


lol the voice matter :stuck_out_tongue:






After reading this
I decided to stay on the forums


Im just here to build mechs with 200+ cooldowns and 200+ regenerations to make people who spent alot calling me gay and fa.ggot , its fun :smiley:


As i think there should be a new type of Items like Uniques. Weapons wich have uniqe abbilities which you only could find in every 10000th box. Wich u cannot upgrade.This would make the game more interesting.Or leveling up reguallar items up to level 50