I am back smh my head


You’re hating on anybody who plays other than psyh, i saw you being more toxic than him most of the time


This is not the case. You are accusing me for something that was never true. Please, get more proof next time, and mind your own business. He was very toxic towards me and attacked me.


I could tag few people that you were attacking only because they play other types

you should be attacked and shamed for the hatered that you spit out on others here


Encouraging someone to a post and do anything really with someones phone number is immoral, but not deserving of jail, or illegal…


Welcome back who ever u are, welcome :smiley:


Humm… u made me thinking :thinking:


So, endangering someone’s life and putting them at risk of losing their real jobs is completely legal and encouraged? I guess he deserves a Nobel prize and a gold medal for that. My bad.


tag me! tag me!
T A G M E ! ! !


Please do. I would love to see what lies you have up your sleeves and disprove them.


lemme dive into your replies for next 6 hours


Who are you again?


Stop twisting my words


Is that not essentially what he did tho? He encouraged it and someone actually did it. It’s like asking someone to kill someone and then when it happens, trying to say you are innocent.


When did I claim he was innocent?

I just stated that you cannot be arrested for encouraging someone to post someones personal information online. You should be banned from shit, it just isn’t illegal

I am not saying it should be encouraged…