I am back smh my head


So uhh, 10 seconds in with the alt and it got put on hold. Let’s hope this lasts longer, m8s


What the…!


hello poly

welcome back


not for long my guy. 99% sure imma get suspended agaim


oh ok

goodbye back then


I will flag you just to kick you out lol


Now that isn’t very nice.


He’s a good friend of mine lol


Lol alright, that’s good.




howdy.(20 characters)


damn daniel.
cheating suspension?
i see what you’re doin.


Please leave forever, you got banned for a reason.

@Smirk @Berserk40000


Hey, didn’t quite get it
Could you provide me with context, please?


well i think what these peeps are asking is that they want to know why they get banned because some say toxic and that makes sense for some people


This is @Polaris’s alt account. He was very toxic and got suspended for 1000 years.


He only got banned because of the discord incident, don’t trash talk him you filthy hypocrite


He was banned for good reason and deserved it. Just like everyone else that was banned at that time with him. He should be behind bars.


He’s a terrible person and I hope to never see him again. And it wasn’t because of the discord incident, he was generally toxic here as well.


What do you think he did?