I am addicted to anime girls


Please help I can’t stop this, I grew up as a kid watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry and action movies. Now, I am addicted to anime, what should I do?? I’m starting to change my perspective of 3d girls (I think that they are bad). I even wished for anime girls to come to life.


you need to go cold turkey

seriously stop watching anime, it’s messing you up


Seek help man.

Not even kidding.


You might need friends (or interact more with them)
Watch less anime (That may not be the solution, but it might help)
Or even go see a specialist if nothing helps you xd
I watch anime, play games, read light novels, (and other things), a lot, to distract me for my boring work (I’m my own boss so it’s fine xd)
And I also think that anime characters are pretty cool, but not to that degree xd


We’re in the same boat, Zarkares. I’m of the opinion that if she ain’t an anime trap loli, she’s disgusting. 2d girls have always been and still are way better than any 3d girls. They really should get to genetically engineering catgirls for use as pets.


Stop it, get some help


are you familiar with Dr. Calhoun’s mouse utopia experiment?

when a group of mice are granted perfect conditions in which they no longer need to search fr food, water or worry about death due to their environment at first there is a population explosion as the mice breed like crazy. after a certain time though a generation of mice grows which has an increasingly large amount of socially retarded sexually mature yet inactive mice who never approach mice of the opposite sex to reproduce, they never compete with other males for repreduction rights, they just sort of are there. being socially ratarded mice. the population then sees a sharp reduction yet there is never a re-uptake in the social skills of these mice, they autism their way into extinction. despite and in deed because of their comfy conditions.

we are all witnessing and participating in the death of Western civilisation with our degeneracy.

enjoy your fucking hentai.


Wow i play a role in history


Lets sign the petition!

(And kick Jack Townley’s ass out!)


Boku No Pico good one


Boku no pico best anime.


Aggro Berlin best Label.


I am Jack Townley!



Good that i live in eastern europe


go away you cant do anything to me with your bounty hunters


Be careful… he might call his snipers…

He will pay them… maybe 3 dollars for the job (like his movie crew).


They will buy with the 3 dollars some gums and will put them on your chair, so when you sit down on the sit you… :wink:


Don’t worry man…
No anime no pain no game no life
Anime is our life, besides even straight girls are addicted to anime girls
Just embrace it and hope you find a chick into the same shit lmao XD


“Keep hoping”


Nono …

… it is …

“Keep hopping”