I actually never introduced myself

Never introduced myself. And Im already a regular. Sorry devs/@Elcent

@Elcent, may you forgive him and delay your banhammer? :open_mouth:

Hmmmm, Maybe a short ban would be acceptable? few weeks should do it?


wow . that is next level of …

(Grumpy elcent :angry: )



And “Welcome” to the forum @DarkWarrior :exclamation:



And …

… this is your Introduction :question:

A lot of infos from you, need to make breaks during reading all :exclamation:



Welcome to the forum!
Im this place you’ll meet a lot of nice and interesting people,you’ll learn all about SM and even more,take part in amazing debates,discussions and ideals and you’ll also have a lot of fun!

Another one has joined our raaa…

Who am I kidding??
Pretty late bro…

@Elcent,please bring the Mjolnir of justice upon this dude,delivering a BAM and a BAN!

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