Hypothetical builds

So here is where I’ve decided to put all of my hypothtical bulds, why hypothetical? Well, c’mon folks it’s not like I have unlimited funds to play SM with, anyway, let’s jump into the first one.

I just thought of what a heater heat mech would look like (because most are currently high damage heat) and this is what I’ve come up with.

I call it the ‘Sorry, game machine broke.’ mech, because it doesn’t let your opponent play the game.

Here’s the build

2x corrupt light 2x crimson rapture

Swoop drone

Zarkares torso, scorching feet legs

3x energy and heat engines

2x plat platings

1x Flaming grappling hook

1x Advanced teleporter

Stat total

Kg: 992

HP: 2219

Heat: 579

Cooling: 238

Energy: 460

Regeneration: 190

Hotness level: Hot

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I wanna see that mech in action

Me too, it’s why it’s called a hypothetical mech. :frowning:


I call it “Death to the weak”:

2x Annihilations

1x Spartan Carnage (or Night Eagle w/ teleport)

1x Avenger

1x Iron Boots

1x Void

1x Charge

1x Platinum Grappling Hook

2x Heat Engines

1x Cooling Booster

5x Platinum Plates

3,295 HP
323/195 Heat
193/64 energy
1,000/1,000 kg (996/1,000 w/ NightEagle and teleport)

Legacy teleport or new one?

1 kg legacy teleport. What else?

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… 1k … the rumors are true ??? ‘’

I call this one ‘Engine breaker’ Because this mech will make you completely miserable when you notice that your energy cap has been lowered to 1.

Torment drone

2x sweetie 2x Ash creator

Grimreaper torso

Iron boots legs

3x heat engines and energy engines

2x plat plating

Shocking grappling hook

Charge engine

Advanced teleporter

Stat total

Kg: 968

Hp: 2027

Energy: 613

Heat: 460

Regeneration: 238

Cooling: 190

Energy cap lowness level: low