Hybrid Item Portal

Screenshot (2) Malice without energy cost?


Hot flash is way too heavy…
Should be about 55 weight

Since it makes the same nrg damage as the malice beam without any energy cost… I would say the weight is ok. (not sure if it doesnt need nrg on myth level tho)

This was my run.

I have to admit,this is pretty damn AMAZING!
It’s and energy-free weapons that DRAINS at the cost of heat.
Yes,you read correctly.
You can drain while drained!
That is incredible,and it’s also just as goid as a Malice Beam as for draining power.
The heat version is pretty useless but the energy one is a life saver.
And I can’t believe I got 3 of them haha!
Also an Anni,now I just need another Nightfall,a couple heat engines and I’m all set.
I am very satisfied with this.

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No,it evens out since it an energy-free Malice Beam.



Welp thank you for that.

Looks useless unless you’re an energy lover. The poor mans bunker shell if you’d like to call it that.

I’m definitely done with this

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Wow,that is useless.
But the energy one must be more useful.
Too bad it costs so incredibly much.

I didn’t even see the costs for them.

Welp, I guess even when it’s an “easy” to obtain item it can’t be OP. Or that’d be giving people too much.


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Poor womans Malice beam more like


Even so,the energy version looks great.
Imagine draining while drained.
I can see many energy troll builds using that (low energy,high hp and health).

Fluxeon and Splatter already deemed it useless lol

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Same, it isn’t worth farming. Hell the portal for drops alone isn’t worth farming since you barely get boxes as it is.

I’m trying not to hate here, but for christs sake. They really give me no choice

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Hey,what do you want?
Twin close-to-useless weapons or another nerf?

My 5th run and I have a total of 3 epics. Fluxeon got a Brightroar first ever run

To me this weapon is still useful. If an energy against another energy mech both get each other close to 0E this weapon will then destroy your opponent.

And the same for a heat mech vs a heat mech. Suddenly they are using a weapon that does damage without adding to their heat which is a massive advantage.

These weapons for me would be a back up weapons but used in the proper situations it would win you the battle.


Anyone wanna question why those that have amazing items already. Continue to ALWAYS get the next best thing when it drops? And those that don’t barely get anything good.

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Maybe you’re right. I still deemed these useless.

The sad thing, malice does what 123 drain at max myth without arena buffs?

Corrupt Light does 93 without Buffs?

So why does the energy one fit more inline with a malice beam.

While the heat one fits (heat dmg wise) Deso/Cannon.

(123 > 71 btw)

re check the pictures… 71 + 22…

The heat one is pure crap… 110 nrg cost? lol