Hurry up into the Dungeon for Frantic Brute




or shall be granted nothing


Thanks :smiley:
It really powerful :smiley:




What the ■■■■…
Thanks :smiley:
only 10 energy cost…


In between none and one. A shet one at that, like a legy kraken for example.



ps. not mine…


So 4 shots of those can potentially deal a total of 3000 dmg (considering 0 res and maxxed arena shop dmg bonus).
Well, welcome to the land of luck and total absence of strategy (what was remaining of it).

Cant wait to see flexes of rank 5ers about beating Canopy or Metre…



So far I have 4 refills and I have not obtained any legendary, although I´ve obtained many epics.

Now I would have to buy some tokens to continue but … I’m not sure it’s worth it. I’m not sure it’s worth the “new” weapon or the portal fall rates.

I always liked item portals, but the last ones have been more boring than sleeping with the sister. When you know that the chances of getting a legendary, are so remote, illusion is over, stop liking.


one legy in 2nd refill ,one weapon in 3rd,many rare,few epic


To me there is no legendary, like it happened during the previous portal.

I only get many epics (including 6 of this new weapon).

Therefore, for those that the portal is good, go ahead! I’m not convinced to follow, really. If the administration seeks to naturalize the situation of obtaining many epics and nothing or little of legendary, for me it doesn´t work. I don´t get used to the bad, I cannot naturalize what is not right.


Did 21 refills… for the new torso and an azz full of epics around 600k gold etc. costing 600 tokens it is still far more worth then buying boxes





wondering what makes the devs think that players like luck-based stuff


Nope, this portal sucks!
1 full fuel bar + 2 refills + 20 fuel from daily PvP request= more than 3 runs of full fuel = 0 legendary items

So for me this portal sucks.


Likewise, I’ve done 10 refills and only got 1 legendary (on my 1st refill). I thought it was going to be a good portal after that legendary, but I was duped. 9 refills later and still nothing…


nice it’s my second legendary


I’m planning to use a dual electric setup in the near future.I have the body,drone,modules and almost all the weapons for it.All I’m missing is a Last Words amd I have to max two other weapons.