Hurry up into the Dungeon for Frantic Brute


Heyho, pilots! We are glad to announce that the dungeon for Frantic Brute, a very powerful weapon with a huge damage range, is opened today! Hurry up, pilots abd claim your reward!


depends on your luck.
also this portal is great. 1 refill and i got 2 legendaries already.


So should I just be farming the portal until it closes? I have no understanding of these things and mechanics.


Why is Insane so hard?
It used to be a lot easier.I think it’s a little exaggerated since we’re up for an epic item.


At least you can do get to insane, I’m stuck on normal. :frowning:


the l4k3 I get this item in the difficult then it is not type spends tokens to complete the mission in the insane


The boss on Insane is easier than the minions lol (for energies that is)

Well, the Energy Mechs and Physical Tanks minions, the buggies are like getting a bite from an ant.

But would be harder for Phys I can tell, those boys can drain you quite easily if you’re not ready for them.


I finally finished Insane.Many revives and much fuel lost,not to say I had to use the power of the ads to improve my hp to over 3200.Way too hard for the sucky reward I got for completing this joke.


Honestly,I don’t really care.All I want from this portal is a Last Words.


are there any stats for the item posted yet?


insane with one revive but there was not repair kit, BUT drops are crap after one refill no weapon,no legy,many 0 drop!!! wtf?!?!?!?


I thought you had one


in this topic


Sending some last words waves to you mate.
The ones asking for few, shall be granted a lot.


He BERSERKED this portal


How about ones asking for many? Should they be granted with only one?




Show stats :smiley:
I really want to see :smiley:




Pls show it stats I really want to see ;.;