Hugger Builds, I hate them

I hate Hugger Builds. I hate Huggers more than runners. If you don’t know what they are, then here is some images.

They are basically real close combat. The most common is the heat. It uses heron mark and Terror Blade. The thing I really hate is that, 99% of time, they get the advantage on the first move. You are basically screwed. It might not be 99% for you, yet it is for me. Reply what you may, I just letting this out.

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huggers have their downsides too

mainly upc but still


Yeah, but not everyone has that, so huggers don’t really have any disadvantage.


If I got a SeraphBlade and a Backstabber I think I could make a pretty good hugger-ish build.


i think ene huggers look something more like this

and huggers are actually pretty fun, i quite enjoy mine


Just use rollers and a pushing weapon such as recoiler. Once they exhaust their utility they’re as good as dead. Never had a problem with huggers, runners are way worse imo.

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As double hugger user can say

Huggers atm not so powerful like before…


huggers are also bad against shotguns so theres that


just bring viking and enjoy :sunglasses:

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Distance shredder :eyes:

Red rain counters that easily. Unless you have a dedicated runner build you’d still lose.

Just keep jumping away till they run out of utility.

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That only works for claw huggers though.


The only build that could possibly be more fun than a scope mech is a hugger.

#PrayForBackstabber :pensive:


the only type of build i can’t beat with my old acc. burning shower+rolling beast really helps me against push type shit

All huggers are claw huggers. If they aren’t they just don’t have enough HP/energy to run everything properly hence they can be easily countered.


does huggers have to use melee?, cause i only have close range machine guns

It can maybe work if you have backstabber drone

You can definitely make them work, as long as you have the Backstabber drone.

Both Invicktus and MasterOfWar use phys huggers without melee. Very unique and powerful builds when used right. Check out their replays sometime, you can find them in Trolls fast :+1:


honestly I think this is my favorite build I can make!

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