HU-HA! Premium box sale out! Who is going to spam buy?

Hi Pilots! TS just launched the 30% saleout of premium boxes… Who of you has the intention and resources to buy these?

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i bought 1 box and got a basic teleporter ._.

I got 90 tokens, so I clicked one, got these sweet monsters!

Top players from HTK, fear my metal maniacs! (sarcasm alert!)

I bought 3 premium pack. Got Iron Boots, 2 voids and 3 snacks :confused:

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Bought 25 boxes of 5 items each.

125 items in total.

20 legendaries.

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I have the resources but not the intention to buy those. Why buy something that will become obsolete with their next update when they release even stronger items?


Wow, that would make 1 legendary worth 292 tokens… Supercheap, I believe…

I will never buy premium boxes and packs. No chances to win legendaries, to me 1% it’s not a possibility. You cant spend 1000 dolars and get no one (or get 15/20), this is a shame.

Admins, you should increase this chance to 10% or 15%.

Haha, so I ruined myself once again… This time purchased just a shy of 400 tokens (plus 50 I earned from missions/dailies) to try unbox 2 superpremiums… I landed 10 epics, which is shitty business for me. I am done, thank you, no more premium purchases. No way. JUST NOPE!!! And yes, I just update my stats regarding the premium boxes FOR ME PERSONALLY, and shit, I add my spendings all together, because why not? So now I spent 7068 tokens, and still received 7 legendaries, which now cost me over 1009 tokens each. Thank you Tacticsoft, I am not that rich… I will just limit myself to grinding Big Boy… Bye.

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And most of the legendary only serve for fusion.

Specials legendary are even harder to get!

Somehow i was expecting this would happen.
I was fighting the urge of purchase… almost 100 dollars… in my head… why the fack not… where the other 3.8k went let this one go also… and then i read your post… wake up call instantly.
Thank you bro, and i’m sorry for you.

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You do not need to buy anything. Your mechs are so good as they are that make many people cry who have spent thousands $ !!

No probs, El_Metre, let’s say you owe me a beer or two, once I finally manage to transport my ass to… Tchad? Is this the correct flag I see next to your nick?. Or is it other country? And I believe that for me the best way (most reliable, and cheapest, at the same time) is farming BB. I already landed like 3 or 4 legends in the last 2 weeks.

Nope, it’s Roumania, and you are most welcomed here any time you want.
Gonna do a hooligan’s night out… with some really shady peoples, and alot of alchool, and other real fun stuff.
Gonna be better then, 100 dollars on some boxes… probably cheaper too.

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All bonus tokens. :slight_smile:

from where? sonic is down… bonus to what?

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I collected a lot before Supersonic was dropped to 1 by them.

Personaly helps a lot too. :slight_smile:

personally is pure sh it

supersonic… meh

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Same here !

But seems many forget things that happened a few days back !