Hu-Ha Finally! Maxxed

So, finally this sweetie is maxxed!

To be honest it took me exactly all the time to upgrade it since the release date, but this was because I was not sure if I will keep it or not. But now I think it gives the best synergy with all the other physical weapons (Annihilations, Nightfalls, Shotguns, you name it) and it is also the only choice for close range heaters… Still, I keep thinking of replacing it with another Nightfall, to build a 2x Annihilation and 2x Nightfall config. Will test it one day… But now this gives me much more flexibility…

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I got this item too but i’m not sure if i should replace it with the mighty cannon.
btw congrats :slight_smile:

Keep it… works excelent with anihilations,
@ImmortalHunter orb thingy works wonder with nightfalls.

I just maxed my avenger torso :slight_smile: My first myth

2x anni and 2x night is very good but how to solve weight problem?
I’m in the same situation, dont know if upgrade night eagle to myth…Legendary items cannot be wasted

I’m just a boy.