HTML5 Conversion Thoughts?

What does everyone think of having the game converted to HTML5 to keep the browser version relevant?

  • Yes; Convert
  • No; drop Browser

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since gato games bought supermechs we can live on woo


Keep this alive, this is for Alexander and his team to see after the deal is settled down

@Alexander, we are 18 voters in, with everyone except one person voting yes. So far 94% of the community would like this change

That would be good.

Idk what HTML5 even is, so I voted no. Sorry?

So you know Flash right? Well HTML5 is basically what everything uses in 2020, its a replacement to Flash

A simple pool is not enough to decide if the game should or not be “convered” to html5, it’s not like they will press a button saying “update” and it will be done.

Converting a game to use modern browser features and drop flash requires re-writing the entire client-side code from bare zero, and who better than me to say that this would possibly take months.

This involves not only time, but effort and costs, because of that, it’s not always an instantly viable option.

I mean, they would have done it already right?


with gato it MIGHT be possible but

Dude wdym months you just change from supermechs.swf to supermechs.html and call it a day lol

Everything not so simple as it’s sounds.

He’s with me on the WU server, so he knows but can’t help himself.

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Lol happens

Meta move: run it on unreal instead of HTML

Hence why I asked Alexander about it and he told me to make a topic about it.
I didnt just pull it out of nowhere lmao. I wouldnt have made the topic if Alexander didn’t recommend it after my question

Make SM run on flash.


Let’s run SM on cryengine because why not


Seriously? Have you seen how the game behaves when it’s running on Flash alone? Using Unreal Engine 4 would likely require the game to become 3D or get a serious polish before the new engine could be able to handle the hell that’s happening in the codes of this mecha chess of Rock. Papers, Scissors combat simulator of a flash game… Unless you would like UE4 to enhance the current bugs of the game to unreal levels of shit, that is.

Even then, that would take way longer to install a new engine than to change the software that runs the program since the former requires an outright reconstruction of everything in the game so that it can run on the new engine efficiently while the latter is a reformatting of the game so that it can be accepted by the new software.

In other words, it’s “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” to “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered” or “.txt” to “.json”.

In the end, we’re still talking about SuperMechs, so we shouldn’t expect big things from it just yet.

Frankly, the way a game runs in one engine doesn’t have much to do with how it can run in other engines, that’s up to the way the programmers will do it.

Still, I think we’re, at best, alright with having one War Robots on the Google app store and not two.

It’s still nice to know something new about technology and how it works, regardless of the game that is currently in question and the number of planes that it uses.