HP vs Resistance

Which is better, 145HP from an Iron Plate, or 16/16/16 resistance from a Savior module?

I have a maxed mythical Windigo torso with 1395 HP total. I somehow think that resistances are not very important given the generally short span of most 1v1 matches.

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Does your oppnonet hit you over 9 times? if yes use the resistance. :slight_smile:

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With that low HP pool, I’s suggest getting a maxed Iron plating in.

I stopped using the savior module, didn’t save me much in 1v1s. Higher HP helped much more than savior. Sure other things did factor in, but HP (unless it’s a max protector) helps more, at least for now.

Just my 2 cents, but if you want to keep the savior module, I’d suggest mything iron boots for more HP while allowing you to keep the savior module.

LOL, with low HP, there’s no lasting past 8 hits at higher ranks.

Its just simple maths, 9 hits at 16 resistance saves you 144HP. If they take less shots then stick to the HP :slight_smile:

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This is my current build

Thanks for that info

you should use different modules. Remove those epic heat modules. You could use:
2 heat engine, 1 cool mass
2 energy engine

and you must replace annihilation with another weapon in the future.

Given the items available in my inventory, that’s the b do I can do for now. I only have 1 heat engine, and. Need the annihilation for energy breakers. I haven’t spent any money on this game, so I have to make the most of what I get.

Thanks for the advice anyways.

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A little more advice, farm RB normal non stop for a few days and you’ll get pretty good loot (if lucky, more engines and some weapons). Personally more fuel efficient and better overall than mission 6.

adding this since you seem to be lacking in some important modules.


I suggest mixing it up with mission 6, to balance the gold income, if you are lacking it.
A full maxed myth needs about 500 k gold to do.
RB gives good fussion material, but the gold is behind the cost needed to use that fussion material.

i personally use mission 6 for both fuse and coin material.

I spend 300-350k a day , then grind it back in with making 400-500k , so id say i make 150k more than what i had.

Thats ofc if you spend all energy on mission 6 insane

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I farm mission 9 in the Danger Zone on insane. Very good drop rate, plus the XP allows to rank up much faster. I feel it’s the most energy/time efficient mission, plus very quick.

Nvm, I ran it a few times to test and not bad, drops aren’t too shit compared to RB (sometimes). But does it drop any BB’s at all?

Shred makes absolutely no difference to the equation.

If you have no resist you still get resistance shred and therefore it save you the same HP.

The effect is the same for resist shred if you have 50 Resist or 0 Resist. if you take 5 resist damage you’ll from then on take an extra 5 damage per hit.

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True, but my point is that you cannot simply do your math as 16*9=144 so if it’s more than 9 turns protector is more efficient :sweat_smile:

It’s more complex than this, since res shred is a defined number while the damege coming from a weapon is defined as a range: that means 9 turns isn’t a magic number anymore. It would have been different if both res shread and damage were defined numbers.

No BB’s at all on that mission.

Sorry, but in this case @Elcent is correct …

You can, because it is totally independently from the things you mentioned :exclamation:

The 16 less (or 39 for mythical res modul) will always be the 16 less damage, doesn’t matter the other things.


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You’re gonna get drained anyways.With 16 resistance,without 16 resistance…What’s the point?
Savior res is helpful when playing in lower leagues (at a lower level)
It gets pretty useless as you progress.
Myth saviour resistance is another thing for it provides you with a good amount but the epic version is just…Nah.

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Maximum Protector is very good a resistance module :heartpulse:

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