HP in the Arena Shop When?


is this still coming up? if so is it like soon? I’m hoarding arena points here ands the urge to splurge is more than I can handle.


Sarah said that it will come next weekend.




Actually, THIS weekend.


double hype.

I’ll just be here waiting on the edge of my swivel chair in anticipation.


It shouldn’t come period. I have 1685 Hp. Times that by 20%, Add the result to 1685 you get 2022 Hp. Now Imagine some one has 2000 hp or more. Times that by 20%, and plus that to 2000 you get 2400. 20% is the max in the arena shop. It will be hectic. That will make the game really worse than it already is.


It won’t be percentaged, it will be amount, not percent


Even then, The amount should be no more than 5 upping. Still, it should not come.


They said additional hp isn’t in %


It will be a fixed amount
I’m guessing in the 400-500 HP range