HP Free Armor (Idea)

what about a torso with really good heat and energy stats and cooling and regen and all that but like ony 500 hp? (energy free armor isn’t actually energy free it has 32 energy so thats why this is okay to have 500 hp)
KG: 250
HP: 500
Heat Capacity: 300
Energy Capacity: 300
Cooling: 125
Energy Regeneration: 125
Heat Resistance: 25
Energy Resistance: 25
Physical Resistance: 25
I think it would be like a normal torso but with a shell made of glass or something like that

idk if these stats would be op or balanced?

needs buff its not broken enough. also backfire get it backfire WAIT make it a myth deal for 200 USD


Not enough mod slots to account for the low HP. It would need more resistance.


each resistance has been buffed by 10

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res should be like 22-30

No…like 35+ of each res. Or make it more HP.

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New stat idea:
Kg: 280
HP: 700
Heat Cap: 315
En cap: 275
Cooling: 115
Regen: 100
All resists: 39


needs backfire :stuck_out_tongue:


a backfire torso that makes every weapon on it have backfire but it has like some other stats that are op is an interesting concept


supermechs will make everything backfire >:)

That’s ready to be desintegrated by any pseudo-decent physical mech.

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Nice names for when it happens XD

I want a armor dissolve that dissolves all type of armor. Anti max protector so to speak. Or maybe weapon that dissolves armor instead of backfire damage

pvp on the super mechs please.

What about a torso with 1 hp
Here are stats:
Hp 1
Heat cap 1000
Energy cap 1000
Cooling 0
Regen 0
Pys 120
Ene 110
Exp 110
Backfire 250
Movement 4
Energy cost 86
Heat cost 42069
Jumping required
Weighs 870

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1 hp is pretty useless. You would need like 1000 resistance lol

Brb ima make joke bye

Torso name: stomp away to victory
Hp 1
Heat cap 10000
Energy cap 10000
Cooling 10
Regen 10
Resistance 2000 each
Weight 896

Can anyone guess why its named stomp away to victory?

You cannot play with that torso. 896+114(lightest legs)=1010. 1-150 HP= -149. You can’t take negative HP into arena.

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mmmmmm another diamond torso suggestion

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