How young is the SM community is




new meta


:joy:my β€œ:joy:” build can beat your sans


Maybe i lied all this time…


unlimited meme workshop


Where is the β€œ1” Option?


Extremely badass


Am I supposed to vote for my age or the age I think the community is?


Someone 26 years old is in the same age category as 115, despite being nearly FIVE TIMES OLDER. Wow. This tells us more about your age than anyone else’s age! Pass. 70+ would make sense.


Why are you so concerned about being in the same category as all our 115 years old members?


Lol cuz they liked it and wanted to play it soooo.


There is no 1 option .BTW what is 1?


After seeing poll results the question should been , "How childish is the SM community "


I have never heard about a crazy old grandpa doing gaming.:joy:


I feel like you cant put a poll option as stupid as β€œ2-7 years” without people picking it

Unless 3 year olds really are able to build mechs, so in that case all the power to them


@lordgorgon wtf


there’s no 0 - 1 category? :frowning:


This … a little bit …

BUT pretty much this …

… it can be interpreted in both ways, so I am sure this caused the confusion :exclamation:

  • from :baby: to :older_woman:

or …

  • from :baby: to :older_man:

or …

  • the age of the community itself … :family_man_woman_girl_boy: