How young is the SM community is


is that a purifier


Hmm, 2 23 dmg weapons, no 200-300 dmg boost with drone, This will do well for me


:joy: “B plan” when you ran-out of energy :joy::ok_hand:


this became a mech advice thread, gj bois


Looks like @lordgorgon is drunk

It is friday as well, and he has a weekly ritual to drink today


I believe through self-proclaimed age reveal, anyone who chose 2-7 and 8-13 years old must be banned due to illegal age


:joy: need drone?


Its saterday where i am, 2 days without sleep, 1:22 am :smiley:


ohhhh yeeeaaahhhh

go to bed


Weko sleep only for 4-6 hors per day 2am-7am :joy:
why my biological clock doesn’t work? :joy:


that’s just great…


Private Message @Berserk40000, sorrez. He’ll help ya out!


My way of doing it is 10 minute closed eyes per 3 hours


Big Yeet


i’m 16 in human years shhhhh


@XxExetraxX u were 14-17 years old but now you are 7 what the…!!.


that makes me about 100 in dog years


yea, im 14, but i put 2 for the lols
notices the very hot felling from lap, see’s that computer is overheating and goes onto xbox server’s,
Bye, needs a cooldown


International Age police is comin to get you.


My rounded can beat your anti energy