How young is the SM community is


Woah! :joy::ok_hand: (Lordcurzon has beed countered!)


I gotta get thanos to fight for me now


That should be like "you will never get maximum protector.


Solar torch, charge and hook

Torto, Tp, Charge, Hook

Clash, Hook, Tp
Thoughs on my Rank 3 layout, i plan to replace 1 hp playe and brutality with heat monkey when i get it


fail to understand the need for terror cry


The solar torch is like a sparten


He could use a nightfall instead maybe ?
Oh wait i’m talking about the 3rd mech


that doesn’t explain the need for terror cry


If i didnt have terror cry my main would be a rank 6 mech, the terror cry knocks back when i need to save my shotgun ammo, or when i need to not go into -50 res pads


can you show me ur N word pass



I use it without terror cry and it does perfectly fine



i was actually two years old this whole time


I’m like, 34, it’s tragic, I don’t want to get old but every year goes by faster and brings me a year closer to my end.


Time is a concept.

Watch Interstellar.


Eh, well it works for me, it is hard to explain but it works for me


u alien

trying to invade our so called planet


Weko not understand :joy: “N word pass”


am i the only one that can’t get on the game?




:joy: this look better :ok_hand: