How we're going to handle accounts with too many legacy items

Hi People,

The Team and I have been discussing for the past week possible solutions for players that have too many items to be handled by mere boosting. We were looking for a solution that will be fast to implement and will give an adequate solution to the group of players affected. Just to give you a general idea of the size of the group; there are less than 2000 players with 1K items or more.

We went over several ideas (including the ones you posted here on the forums) and we have decided to give players the ability to convert items of specific tiers to PowerKits. This solution will allow you to easily handle big numbers of items - instead of manually selecting thousands - while still reserving the power value of each (+a small bonus).

It will work by you first choosing tiers you want to convert (Common, Rare, Epic etc). The system will then calculate the overall power value of all the legacy items you have in that tier, and will replace these items with a few power kits that will have the same power value + some extra % bonus. So hundreds of items could be converted to 3-4 (or more) powerful power kits.

This system also allows you some control. For example, you can choose not to convert the legacy mythical items and use only a few of them as boosting material while keeping others in your inventory.

Please note this system transfer the responsibility of handling the inventory space to you. If you won’t convert items to power kits by the end of the grace period, you will still have an over-the-limit inventory and will not be able to open new boxes from you unclaimed boxes section. While I can’t yet say when will we have this conversion option rolled out, we will, of course, make sure you will have enough time (probably around 7 days) to use it while in grace period. And yes, we will extend the grace period if needed to allow you to have that time.

Feel free to post below if you have any questions on the process or need any additional clarification.


What about fusion cost?
We all hate it


So let me get this straight and take a simple example:
10 lvl 1 Myth gives now a boost of 150k boost point, i can convert it into a powerkit that gives 150k boost points(+a slight %).
10 lvl 16 Myths give now a boost of 157.5k boost, i can convert it into a powerkit that gives 157.5k boost points(+a slight %).
But that doesn’t solve the issue that hurts the most!
The fact that it took 4400 tokens(11 x 400 token power kit) to make that a legacy myth lvl 16.
Nor does it solve the fact that the fussion cost, specyly on new myth tier items, is exagerated.
This implemetation only solves the number of items.
Basicly you provide us a tool to do what we could have done, and what some of us actualy do… fuse the legacy items into powerkits(you can do that), specily on the low lvl ones, and keep their power.

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Sounds good …


  • boostings cost are way to HIGH

To create 1 mythical out of a legendary cost 1,100,000 Gold (please correct me if its not correct, but think about you need to create 5 ! legendary to make 1 mythical, this legendarys fall not from heaven)

  • WHY we lose 3/4 or even more (I am to tiered to calculate ALL the “hidden” losses we have to deal now with), when we use a NEW mythical (for what WE ALREADY paid for) to boost into a legendary (for an item change as example, that will be needed very often in the future) ???


To boost a fully fused (!) NEW mythical (which costed already 1,100,000 Gold) into a legendary gives …

  • ONLY 23 levels on the legendary
  • COST again Gold
  • NEED again 5 legendary to become a mythical

In all honor to your work @Sarah247, @Taloki, @Mohadib, BUT that (that we lose even from NEW build items most of the power) is a BIG joke !

WE can throw our money out of the window, that makes more F U N !



Tbh yall no disrespect to any of yall but yall could have done a better soulution then that cause now were wasting more money n stuff like that no affense to yall but yall TBH did mess up the sm game by this update im still confused why u wouldnt change it back to its orginial way cause now more people have retired from super mechs and left it and dont use money anymore, in the old update u admins got more money then u are now, more money = more solutions and better upgrading and for yalls use think about it, old sm lots of money for yall and happy players, new update lost much money and people leaving and very salty players, u should consider changing it back to the old SUPER MECHS @Sarah247 @Mohadib just a suggestion no disrespect to yall :slight_smile:

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We are working within the items already in the game, so your overall power will be converted to several real game power kits. This will also help to prevent loss of power potential when boosting items that require less power to max level.

The conversion is obviously for free, just to be clear.

Of course, if you have the option to use fuse your legacy items now into specific new items it’s a much better and more controlable experience, the solution I described above is more for players who have too many items to possibly handle this way.

Fusion cost is a different subject which is unrelated to the too-many-items issue I covered above.

If i may, i have a slight solution to the problem that can make people happy:
If you are going to implemet a tool why not make it like this.
You put an item or several items in it and gives you gold/tokens.
For example:
You put in it 100 Lvl 1 legendaries and it gives you 100k gold.
You put in it 100 Lvl 1 epics and it gives you 25k gold.
You put in it 100 lvl 1 myths and it gives you 1000 tokens.
You put in it 10 lvl 16 myths it gives you 2000 tokens.
Have in mind the fact that a lvl 16 myth cost us 4400 tokens.
This solution would provide fair trade and switch from ol to new.


Apart from the issue of high boosting/transformation costs and fusion drain - can I suggest that power kits be made not to count towards the inventory limit in general? They’re not useful for anything other than boosting/transformation anyways. This way, players at least have the chance to ‘store’ their boosting power for an item that they actually want to boost.


Sounds like a good idea but I can’t help but think that making fusion costs non-existent during the grace period would have been a better solution in the first place. Will there be a cost to making these powerkits? Because if they are going to be as expensive as the fusion costs then it wouldn’t be worth implementing.


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He about this

Okay. I’ll wait for this to be implemented, then I will tell you what I think about this.


I like more the revolutionary Fluxy, then the thinking about Fluxy !



oh, and you forgot to ask him about his helmet !


I already asked him about the helmet in game… it seems he doesn’t want to give me a clear answer. :frowning:

It’s ok… I will find out the secret of the helmet.

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… hopefully they implement that tool very soon (oh God, I used that bad word) !

Time is running, only 14 days left and …

… currently my inventory is GROWING instead I am able to boost it away !
Even I play right now 24/7 !

What can be the matter ?

Oh maybe the boosting costs are way to high ???


Wondering if anybody has thought about using the legacy items to boost onto the common tier items since it costs less.

@Mohadib: Yes it is necesary to increase the time limit…

A lot of us have to go to work, school and they have familiy too…

So, if you havent planned to remove temporaly like I proposed on this link: (48 voted to remove with a 100%…)


good thing. did that idea came from my post. doesn’t matter though, good steps are always welcome ,irrespective of who suggested it. again , if it was my post, thanks for reading

i like the suggestion, but i don’t think its going to happen; just because “tokens” is the source of income for ,u know who?

This so called grace period is ignoring those on armor games… The game is still broke…we can’t play the game just the workshop and the store. more information can be found in the bugs section…