How to use Power Kits?

when do you get to install the PKUs?
I have PKUs, but no idea how to install on mech…?
does it have something to do with the hexagonol or star shaped slots (that i cant use)?
someone PLEASE help, appearantly i’m lost or missing something…
Thanks for any help on this!

PKs are only used to boost other items. No use for transforming or equipping, unfortunately. But you can use them starting level 1 :grin:

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Thanks magicmech20 !
Seems odd, thanks for untangling my mind.
Any idea when or if the hexagonal slot & star slot come into play for equipping the mech?

Star slot is for santa hat, or unicorn horn if you have one.

Hexagon is for shields, which are a legacy thing and cannot currently be obtained.

NP! :+1:

The hexagonal is for a shield, an item that is not available to players anymore,but the slot still remains because the devs forgot to remove it. Before August, the game was completely different, with different gameplay, items, and features. However, on August 15th, the game was reloaded, and everyone basically had to start over. Old items were made useless, and all the new items you see now were added in in place of the old ones. It was basically turning Supermechs into Super Mechs 2. (Although the current is called Supermechs reloaded)

The star is for cosmetic items earned from special events, for example a santa claus hat that you can make your mech wear.

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The matrix.


they are used to boost other items

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