How to use mythical items #1 zarkares

this is similar to the topic pro tips so expect something similar:

and i decided to do the items part and the first part is my first max mythical zarkares:

but before i want to say the following

i don’t know which are my skills in super mechs also if i miss some part send me suggestion i will do some edits like @bestplayerintheworld in 🤹🏼‍♀️ Pro Tips

but let’s jump

first of all i will talk about type of builds with that torso that i am talking in this case is zarkares
and second i am not a pro i need some help i am not good at this and third this series of topics is for noobs u can’t say that comment “idk why u doing this we all know how to use the x item because have here only pros” no might have majority in forums pros but also have some noobs in the deep of this forum:

type of builds that are good for zarkares is physical and heat(my heat mech) also is good with the claw(for noobs which not gained this and not heared out is a L-M item and that is the most rare transform range) because a high hp torso + the claw is a good combo of items

@David_Jojua zark is mostly used on phys mechs, but heaters can use it well.

here i show some good builds with zarkares if you have a screenshot of it or made a build in
the new workshop unlimited(

shoutout for @David_Jojua and @KilliN examples of heat builds for zarkares:

on this build you can replace a heat engine with a cooling booster.side note:this build is overweight you can remove 1 heat engine or replace one with cooling mass booster

image.jpg731×461 178 KB

examples of energy builds special shoutout for @KilliN and @David_Jojua:

example of builds of physical mechs:

all of those builds are just a example of good builds with zarkares but overall i prefer zarkares for a heat mech because highest heat cap and regen cap of all torsos,

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You don’t have to be a pro to know what your talking about.
U just have to do some research and testing then BAM your done.
Simple as that.

k i suck at researchs because i take more long to be good and study that thing in certain game

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zarkares can be used in all types if you are smart with your builds.

zark is mostly used on phys mechs, but heaters can use it well.

F2P heat builds for zark:

on this build you can replace a heat engine with a cooling booster. i didnt notice that it was overweight.

F2P energy builds for zark:

sadly many damage dealing energy weapons are l-m so its better to go drainer if you are F2P

and finally, phys builds with zarkares:

modules can be changed depending on what you are facing.

in low ranks, resistance isnt too important but once you get to rank 10/9 you need resistance. its a second HP bar.

hope this helps

You got some bad mechs here tho

im not experienced.
take what i posted with a grain of salt.
im a rank 10 player with developing builds.

no u use it like this

and like this

Haha hybrid crap haha

mama mia pizzaria santa maria these builds are so good!