How to use Flaming Scope?

I really dont see how you can even use it, so it’s useless item altough all saying about it’s op or they want it…

Only way to use it is :

  • Seduce enemy to corner with 2 mech, -> get killed -> teleport with 2-nd mech, use it.
  • Shut down enemy so you can go to right position

1.In other cases enemy can just go out of range by getting to the middle.
2.Then FS mech has to push him to corner… (1 MOVE )
3. Then teleport himself to another corner (2-nd move)

  1. He can shot only in 3-rd move. So he has to shut down while pushing, or before it XD

I think you can do this with lighting scope… but not flamming.
Cuz when mech is drained, he can’t teleport.
When he is too in corner overheated he will not escape from LS range.

Most players use this as a way to scare players out of the corner/last 2 spaces


In my last arena fight today i was been killed by flaming scope through one little mistake.
But altough, i was having 150 hp… he only lost move to teleport, he could kill me with anything :rofl:

heat bombs, push weapons, and luck are all needed to use a fs

You also need a teleporter for this.

Basic idea is that you use push weapons to force someone into one of the back two spaces, at which point your opponent has to choose- do I spend an option on a less damaging action (e.g. movement, hook, or charge) or do I eat the scope.

For this to work you need to have enough firepower to win if they do choose to stay out of the corner. But any time you can force your opponent to think, you might gain a potential advantage.

Hook can’t be used to do this, Charge only when enemy is in middle.

listen… i’d use it with supreme cannon
cause first you push your enemy into the 8th place, then hope he doesnt move and move back to where you can shoot the thing…
so basically you gotta be close enough to push the enemy into the corner, then tp back and shoot… dont tp unless you have 2 turns

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I think repulser can be used when fighting in middle

Its a great weapon, actually. Especially if the rest of your weapons are close range.

You don’t.

Why with the attitude lately? You give bad advice, and say things that are blatantly untrue, like that flaming scope is useless, or that everybody should switch to phys or energy.

What attitude? All I see are purple dots. Wait, someone actually recognized me? Oh boy! I don’t care.

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Are you okay, man?

You’re the first one to ask me that in weeks. No one cares about me anymore. All my friends moved on, and I gave my life to fortnite.

Im not sure if giving your life to fortnite is good. Perhaps try a sport or activity?

Make a pm. This sounds important and pm worthy…

Add me if you want but yeah

I would play supermechs again if this game wasn’t so trash. But nah.

Ohhh i’m not the one hunted for :smiley:

I have lightning scope but tactic is same, I’m letting enemy corner me, when mechs are as close as possible (no space between them) and I’m in corner, I’m then using teleporter to go to the opposite side of the arena and then I’m using this wep, but I’m on low ranks so in higher ones people might not let you get cornered or corner them

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