How to upload recording?

How do I upload a recording from my computer onto the forum?

just click the upload button

You dont think I tried that? It said that file type was not supported…

what’s the type of the file?

I dont know…how do I find out…

I don’t know,ask others for that

Upload to YouTube > Paste Link > Profit???

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What? How?What?

Easy, one moment.

Nevermind I think i got it.

Probably, becausewow I haven’t used it in a while fam lmao

Are you kidding me?52 PM

you need them 180mbs uploads lmao…

17 PM
ok…not bad but not good either…

Well, it’s really easy, really easy, but in your case I will only recommend that you look for information in Google so you learn some new things about.

How big that vid is?

It has to be below 15 minutes, unless you contact youtube if they could change your video cap on the amount of minutes you can do. Notice how I keep vids UNDER 15 minutes.

The forum does not host videos. You have to publish it to youtube and then link it through.