How to upload images in a phone?

I don’t really know where to post this topic but it clearly should not be here. But I’ll carry on anyways.

I am using a mobile device and can’t upload pictures that you can actually see. What I do is I click the “upload” button on the bottom right, redirects me to my gallery and I pick one image.

However, the picture ALWAYS gets an error wherein the picture I uploaded would only appear as “Uploading” in the finished and posted topic. I asked my friends about thid and their answer was “wait for the preview to appear”. Only that it doesn’t appear even after waiting for 10 minutes.

Help? Thank u.

Best to google this. There’s a discourse website that might be able to help you. (they are the guys that made this forum system)

It may also be that the image is too high in detail.

Oh my god are you BlozyWoozy?


It’s working? Problems on your phone mate a fun little picture for ya


Yes? Lol (20 char min -.-)

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Ohh yes lol. Too bad i can’t hang around in that chat anymore since i am stuck in global chat in my reroll acc. :joy:

The chat it’s totally dead now, people barely use it.