How to upload a picture in gravit designer and how to paint it


help me guy i am too noob to use this program


I don’t know what that is and your in the same page as me.
My computer designs are horrible,


You can copy/paste the image into Gravit or go to File > Import > Place Image. As for painting the image, you won’t be able to do that in a straightforward manner. Based off of your sprites in Supermechs Sandbox, you could vectorize the image (given it’s a png) and then use the Bezegion tool to trace out parts of the sprite, and then apply a fill to them.


i can’t understand, well look like i can’t paint, and how to upload a picture was made in ggravit to tactic ?



  1. If those are all lines, convert them to closed shapes.
  2. Once you’ve done that, click on each shape and change the color on the right pane that pops up.


Notice on the Layers (left side pane) there are 4 paths that make up the shape. You won’t be able to set a fill for a path. Instead use bezegion to create the shape, making 1 single path that you can fill, like so.


wait the program i am using is not like this


I thought you were using Gravit…?


it is but it is like this


That’s the light theme, I’m using the dark theme.

Edit > Settings > Change theme of Gravit Designer


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umm i really need a video for this problem, i am too bad at english and google translate couldn’t help me


whats the problem


read the name of the topic dude xd


oh dont have one isnt there like tutorial video or some thing


ye i really need that video


i think you already tryed searching online

#19 but i dont know how we make layers


oh no idea how to do that