How To Upgrade Items from Legendary to Mythical?

can you tell me how you get all legendary??

this question is for pro player. not for noob player like me :grinning: :grinning:

it is the moment when i myth my windigo torso
i used so many useful thing like naga, nightfall, face shocker,and purifier(L-M physics weapon)
i need advice from you
sorry i can show you my screenshot my connection is so bad. :anguished:


Get legendaries by transforming epic items that aren’t that good

3 Rares for a Epic, 4 Epics for Legend, 5 legend for Myth

First is the cost for evolving an item to rare, The cost is 25K

For a Legend you’ll need 50K

For a Mythical you’ll need 100K

i just mythed my nightfall today by burning 1.7 mil(portal of gold) and making 4 leggies from scratch.

anyways, this is what you have to do.
choose and epic tier item that you dont wanna use(i like to use legs, such as blazing legs, burning boots, torso like redeemer) but really you can choose anything and transform them to legendary tier.

do the same thing 5 times.You will get 5 extra legendaries, which you dont want.
now click on that windigo, chose the 5 legendaries(commonly called as food) and hit the transform button.
et voila.

  1. Get items
  2. Upgrade 5 of them to legendary
  3. Select the item you want to myth
  4. Click the transform button
  5. Bam

my problem is i don’t have a legendary items and my epics is notmuch like your

Then make epics and make legendaries with it.

Common > Rare > Epic > Legendary > Mythical

Simple transforming

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that is why…
never use epics for 'em. helps for food.
Also, even if you didn’t use epics for boosting, and still don’t have epics, then you have pretty bad luck

Farm a little bit to obtain epics and upgrade those epics to legendary lvl 1 them, Used to do your mythical torso

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U forgot to put it the part of getting the… eeeeh about 400,000 - 600,000 gold needed :stuck_out_tongue:

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just max a legendary item, then get 5 more legendaries (preferably non maxed and useless) then get 100k coins and myth the item
to get legendaries just max useless epics than can get to legendary and then you need 4 more epics and 50k coins