How to request forum titles


Hey guys,

More recently people have been messaging me requesting for titles. Good news for you guys is @Marija has said that she can do them for you!

Feel free to send her a PM asking exactly what you’d like adding and she’ll take care of it as soon as possible for you :slight_smile:

Remember to message her rather than here so that your request doesn’t get lost in the discussion!


Ok :ok_hand: :ok: :ok_hand:
Good night any way…


oh thats a while hmmm just wait then.


If only there was someone else to continue Dominion… the first person was toxic and left after severe criticism.


Isn’t Dominion…literally BattleDawn


Rumor has it, you get a title easier if you offer to be marija’s boyfriend! (or girlfriend, she doesn’t judge!)


Umm… :thinking::sweat_smile:


I’m just thinking about a cool title. :thinking:


For yourself or Elcent :question:



I’m gay


Uh, for my self. I don’t want to risk my badges.


This is nice but…
I am not the type of guy to straight of ask for something I want. I usually find a way to get it on my own or give up on it.


Yay, thank you @Elcent and @Marija!

Now I can continue that Fastest Voter game no problem.


I guess @Elcent wants people to pm me more, so I dont feel lonely here. How nice from her


Did you just say “her”?!


Elcent, Marija and Fluffeh are the girl mods



Eh? I thought Elcent is a guy.


kind of weird right i thought that to.


Ooh, Marija is Back


I have to revive this thread. I got bombed with PMs asking me to change their title. Please, stop asking for them xD I wont give titles anymore, at least not for nothing or just because someone asked to. From now, earn your forum title :slight_smile: