How to make friends in BD?


Because Naffo told me it is a good place to come, this is my first time on this forum.

Just wonder how people should make friends on BD, let them do not scared of backstabbing or anything?

Thank you.


Welcome! Ive found just generally as you play, if your nice enough to people you start to make some friends in the community :stuck_out_tongue:


The Battle Dawn Academy is a great place to meet new people, and we take in just about anyone who is interested in advancing themselves in the game.


Yes, it is indeed a good place to come to! You’ll find yourself meeting a bunch of people on the forums and through that, often you’ll meet others via skype as well.

As for backstabbing and such, there is always the possibility of such happening, but try to think of it more like playing a board game. The point is to win the game :slight_smile: If they do betray you, remember it and be cautious of it, but you don’t have to hate them for it.



“keep your ego as low as possible”


this will never get you anywhere


Start sending nudes.


A little bloody nose or black eye never hurts in making friends after battle.


Make fun of @Carter
That will get you friends quickly :grinning:


Or… you can not make fun of Carter, and be friends with me :slight_smile:


being friends with carter is near impossible. he’ll bully you for being worse than him at bd (i still get it all the time). make memes making fun of Carter or make an alliance and invite him to it. then kick him and post a screenshot of having done that, on the forum. you’ll instantly become a hero and have a lot of friends


I don’t bully people for being worse than me :frowning: , if that was the case I’d bully no one.

You’re just sensitive kaen :see_no_evil:


Sounds bout right. :joy:


u can always join #kickCarter #killCarter movements will easily make friends with same field of intrest as u(making that noobs life a lil bit worst)


I’m still surprised that #kickcarter actually became a thing lol