How to make campaign actually fun and playable

New campaign, pretty ridiculous? It is if you ask me. It’s pretty impossible to finish the whole thing when you’re new. So I’m going to propose my ideas on how to make campaign actually, ahem, playable to our starters. (And probably older gents who does struggle with campaign). And yes, some changes within the “Fuel System”.

Also, be sure to read on what mechs should be used to actually have a chance in campaign within this topic, so stay tuned!

##1) Rational Mechs
Rational Mechs simply mean that the mechs in campaign abide within the limits provided by modules and weight. So eventually, campaign mechs wouldn’t have to have 100+ cooling and have full 6 weapons equipped, leading to more balanced campaign mechs.

##2) Less Damage Bonus
By this, it obviously means that insane campaign mech’s damage bonuses must only be increased by 25%. I’ve seen a ‘Blaster’ (Physical Top Weapon, Base Damage: 40-50) do 80-100 damage! It’s a gargantuan +100% damage increase! Remind you that that weapon is only a level 16 item. So Ultra Novas would do 300 damage if one insane campaign mech uses one? :zipper_mouth:

##3) Decrease Hit points
Hit points must be decreased by 25%. Seriously, a mech with the “Gladiator” (mid level torso) and has 700 hit points is crazy.

##4) Decrease Energy and Heat
It’s automatic that energy/heat cap and cooling/regeneration are included in this one. They must be decreased by 20%.

Moving on to the ‘Fuel System’:

##1) Decrease time of recharge
If you’re an active user, you may have seen my topic regarding the same idea. And I’ll say it again, refilling of the fuel must be decreased by maybe 3 minutes.

##2) Purchasing Fuel with Credits
Trust me, no one would waste their tokens on fuels. So why not make them purchasable by the means of use of credits? We don’t use them unless we spam boxes for our, precious, fusion. Uh so yeah, maybe we can use them to get credits? :slight_smile:

Here are the specified costs:

  • 5 Fuel = 50k credits

  • 10 Fuel = 95k credits

  • 15 Fuel = 145k credits

  • 20 Fuel = 200k credits

Last but not the least…

Remove fuel once finished the entire campaign

-nuff said

Oh and yeah, what builds should we use to beat campaign?
Heat mechs are the best. Lava Sprays and Axes are staple for doing campaign missions. I’m not being pessimistic and all, but without the said items, it’s impossible to finish campaign sadly.

Diamond Shell mechs also works. Especially repair mech variants. This is what I personally use:

If ya’ll are thinking “Oh silly Bluz, I have finished campaign, we don’t need your suggestion.”, you’re wrong. Remember that people who doesn’t have the right items or actually let alone have a good mech do exist. So try to be considerate about them. :rainbow:


“Hard/Insane” diffuculties are truly hard to beat at current level. Still, they were intended to be hard/insane to beat. Not sure if that gonna be changed.
“Rational mech” nah they already rational. On Normal. Hard/Insane mechs are rational too, not counting bonuses.
“Purchasing fuel with Credits” why? Campaing grinding is meant to give credits in first place.
“Remove fuel once…” well looks like devs doesn’t want players to have access to unlimited credits.

basically, you want campaing to be not that hard and easier to grind. Good desire, but why you need this in first place? to get credits and tokens easier. Thats just greed, masked by good desires.

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Excuse your saltiness, but that isn’t my point. It’s not for greed. I get that insane mode is meant to be hard, but things just got pretty too much. I’m trying to conceptualize suggestions on how to properly nerf campaign mechs. You gotta agree that it’s very hard for newbies. My purpose? To as said, conceptualize suggestion oh how to properly nerf campaign mechs - not greed intended.

You don’t agree that campaign mechs aren’t rational/sensible.

This is your average campaign mech (from my experience):

Yep, this looks sensible to me.

I don’t think there any other ways to use credits. It’s only for boxes I suppose, so I personally think purchasing them with credits should be a thing.

And this, we were able to grind “BIG BOSS” before. So I doubt that they wouldn’t let players “have access to unlimited credits” again. Also, I think that that level roughly gives you about 360k-400k credits. And it’s an estimated 20 minutes to fully finish BIG BOSS level once. I believe that that amount of hardwork should get good rewards. :ok_hand:

Anyways, less salty opinions are always welcome! :upside_down:

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“saltiness”? nah I am just pointing out that pojntless greed won’t get you any good

basically all you said is “campaing is too hard”. Well, I didn’t complete final mission on Impossible or even Hard yet due to too high stats on enemy mechs. Still I don’t cry. Why I should? After all, campaing isn’t selling point of the game. Its just meant to get some credits, as well as neat tokens bonuses.

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Thanks for this comment, Dave. This brings me to the fundamental question: Is this all worthwile? I mean, I have just completed slot 6 in Overlord Den on Insane level. I had to revive once (-10 tokens) and earned 5! So I am 5 tokens short. I imagine I have to revive at least 4-5 times to kill Big Boy, only to receive 1 shitty gold box. I think this is not worth the time and effort. Also, If I want to grind credits on Hard level, there are very few occasions I kill Big Boy (Hard) without reviving… Soo, farming Big Boy with tokens? Meh…


well, some people are just hasty and try to complete and perfect anything they can, even if doing this later would be more profitable. For those people, “Buy tokens” button exist. Buy tokens and do as much revives as you want.

Don’t want to spend money? Well in that case just wait till you get more powerful mech (with more lava sprays or whatever), with daily bonuses and daily quests tokens. More powerful mech also can be obtained with money, by the way.

Have no patience or money? Well, then don’t play pay2win games eh I mean enjoy talking and having battles in chat. I personally like trolling noobs who just bought 5-10 myphicals and think they became gods :slight_smile:


Every game I’ve ever played


dont know why people still saying than campaing is imposible or too insane:

So, how in hell i make it? more simple if you are a real gamer and soo complicated if you aren’t.

Any rpg, strategy, pvp or quest game has NPC, that NPC has a programed way to attack, mean they never change the way to play, never. if yo utake out the energy the know how attack you, if you corner they they will be on corner if they can attack, etc etc.

last battle of bigboy in the 3 levels (normal, hard and insane) has the same attack patron:

  • if the battle start on face to face: he will stomp after launch the drone. and keep using the neddle because after 3 round you will die.
  • if the battle start on range 3: he will drop the drone and use 1 needle, if you drop him back will use the ultranova first (80%), if you are out of range will use teleport or charge (50% each) and use the needle again.
  • if start out of range: will drop the drone and make charge (60%) or teleport close to you at range 3.

so how counter it?
with heat: most easy way is drop the drone in first turn and after fk him with loot of flames at any range you work. if you are close combat, well you know how make it; if you are a middle-long range, bad news for ya, he will drop one deathpunch ant the infernova before the ultranova (75%) and overheat you first. if you has good hp (more than 800) you can handle it, if not… and you try with diamondshell… well, dont forget pray before the battle.

win with energy: corner is the best way for energy, because his stomp is weak… only little hot… so in the first turn drop the drone, second teleport to his back and use one weapon, dont stomp, after he will stomp and use one needle, you use grap and your energy weapon, he attack in the same way again, you teleport and punch, he still try to attack but you end in this turn, so he is dead.

win with phys: for this you need yes or yes more than 900hp. close combat is like energy(corner him); if you has double breaker and nova, you need be faster than him; if you has swarm its easy the face to face battle, needle are weak than swarms;
if you has this: i hope he murder you so hard and insane for copy my mech.

so, if you try to win only with power, of course will be hard and insane… so use that thing over your shoulders, know your enemy and make one strategy. its very simple… and the reward is lovely, 14 energy for 700ksm and 7 energy for 350k, mean sometimes more than 1.1millions per energy bar.


Holy moly you must be some genius or something…

You know how I know you would make a great math teacher?

Because I have no idea what you just said


Why fuel can’t be bought with credits: BIGBOY mission gives over 200k credits.

funny but if you dont understand what i say, explain perfectly why you need keep living on school. its basic for all gamers.


True, true. :sweat_smile:

a eso llamo estar atento al modo de ataque aunque en la version anterior de big boy solo usaba :
usa mark 2 , dron de reparacion ,2 espadas de calor miticas psdt: 1 de cada tipo me refiero a la hacha de calor y al mazo ; usa transporter y bueno los modulos no recuerdo pero con armas especiales miticas y bueno siempre hacia esto :
me iba a una esquina usaba cargo el big boy me quedaba ahi atacando con mis espadas se moria y ya :v:V:V:V:V:V:V:V::v:V:V:V:V:V:V

aunque ahora esta un poco mas dificil e irrazonable asi que aun debo mejorar gracias por su atencion bye :V