How to make an image as my avatar?

I’m making an alliance called the USSR, and my avatar has to be Joseph Stalin (Obviously!)
However, I’m not sure how to upload an image as my avatar
Any help?
(Also sorry for making two question topics really close to each other)

Go on your profile in game as you would to chose a image head thing… And there should be a button to take you to the old forum. Here you can use a link to an image.

If you want to use your own image you’ll need to go on an image hosting website such as imgur or others (there are numerous)

Try to use square images and put 200 x 200 in the size area (or leave this blank if the image is smaller than this size)

If you need further explanations just say :slight_smile:

It keeps saying the url is invalid

Post the url here and ill check it out :slight_smile:

Try this one

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Oh yea?

My picture just doesn’t even show up even though the website accepted the picture. Just doesn’t appear in the frame for “use my forum avatar.”

is this for fantasy? Currently a small bug there meaning its unavailable :confused:

Yes that’s the server I’m having that problem on