How to join a clan


@dankmementos its easy to join a clan all you have do is not be a noob and get your ass into BTBR. Show a little non millennial effort and be patient if you want to become part of something great again. Or I’ll call your mom and tell her that you are a weeb and need to be punished accordingly.


Beenage Tutant Binja Rurtles :musical_note:
Beenage Tutant Binja Rurtles :musical_note:
Beenage Tutant Binja Rurtles :musical_note:
Players in a half clan! :musical_note:
L4K3 power! :musical_note:


Come on @Winz_Kay type faster, I’m not getting any younger.


Agh…but all my stuff is useless now… I was once at rank 6 but now I am stuck at rank 10


So, violet is back in the clan and shes low rank and struggling. I’m constantly struggling to get better than rank 4. Remember how btb was- do what you can when you can, no pressure.


Well the thing is I don’t see how anyone finds this game fun anymore. I could play this game, or I could play BF1 with 64 multiplayer WWI style shootouts.


Aye, but would it be with your bestest friends


Yes. My good friend who lives just around the corner from my house actually :ok_hand::ok_hand:

In all seriousness though sm just isn’t fun- mainly because it is frustrating how no matter what I do I can never get ahead. It has been more than a year, countless hours, many build help threads and I still have never been in rank 5 for more than one day

In fact the more I upgrade, the more I drop rank. Back in March I was able to hold rank 6 consistently, and now even though I have a plat and better builds I am in the low ranks


i dont know who is dumb enough to not click the clan button, or know how to join a clan


Ok I will keep trying. I have 2,500 hp dammit. I will not be held in rank 10


I have 6 1/2 maxed mechs to choose from and still have a hard time maintaining rank 3


Rank 3 would be a dream for me lmao. My second mech has been actual trash since I started 2v2


sir whimzical is the best song writer,hands down.
(Im dying pls help)


Peanut butter jelly time