How to Handle Energy Break

I am very new so there are many things I do not understand. When fighting the newest battle the opponent fires a cold/freeze gun at me and the words energy break appear. At this point I cannot use anything so of course I die.’

Will someone please help me? What am I supposed to do or what device am I supposed to have to defeat this?
Thanks in advance


Energy Break means you are running out of energy, meaning you need more energy modules, try equipping an Energy Engine.

@El_Metre @Wepwawet
Maybe you can help out this new player?

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Some weapons use energy in this game.

Energy is this in the work shop

Some weapons drain energy and cause an energy break when that happens weapons you have that need energy wont work.
This is energy in the combat window when that number is 0 it is an energy break. You regenerate energy at the end of your combat phase.

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Well energy breack happens when, your oponent completle drains your energy( the blue bar under the health).
The energy drain comes fron all energy wepons, usualy wepons that have a blue glow around them.
To counter this effect you must put in energy modules on your mech. Either energy engines, energy regeneration, or energy storage. This will increase your max energy capacity and/or energy regeneration( at the end of your turn).
But the most effective way to counter is the use of energy free wepons(wepons/drones that do not need energy to fire).
Here are some examples of wepons that dont use energy:
Phisical wepons: Ironback, boomstick, for low lvl.
Anihilation, purifier, mercy for high lvl.
All phisical drones use energy!
Heat wepons: shotgun( dont know the name, but it is a shotgun with a red glow around it) for low lvl.
Sorow,rekoning, magma blast, for high lvls.
Most heat drones don’t use energy.
Need any more help, pm me.
And we get you a nice build, what is your lvl and rank?


Hi! Welcome!

Until you learn how to handle energy and heat better, you should build a mech that does not need energy to work. The first mech should be physical, by the same reason, you need time to learn how to handle heat and energy.

  1. Hook and charge do not need energy, you use them to attract your opponent to you.

  2. Try to get 2 of these weapons. They are called annihilation.

  3. As these weapons are short range (1-2), you will need a head weapon that will bring you closer to your opponent. The ideal is “night eagle”. Night eagle needs energy, but phys haven´t a long range weapon that is independent of energy:

  4. Although your mech will be physical, you can place a heat drone, the heat drones don´t need energy.

All these elements can be obtained in the common items boxes. Annihilation is not easy to get in common boxes. You have more possibilities in boxes that are bought with tokens.

If you have any query regarding torso, legs and modules, ask pls.

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excellent explanation, simple and practical.

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@ToxicDoll she is an expert in energy management. therefore knows the basic principles of offensive and defensive
another good with energy is @El_Metre

P S: Although we all know that at present the best electric is @rising

Doesn’t take a whole lot of effort just to slap a few energy modules on

This is my machine. It appears I do not have much energy but not sure how to beef that up
Thanks everyone for your continued help

Energy engines are the easiest way to do it, it is best to wait till you get one that starts at epic the purple dot. See the dots under the name? white dot is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, gold is legendary and orange is mythic upgrade ones that can go all the way to mythic (orange dot) that way as you get stronger you can keep your progress. You use other items to “fuse” into it raising its level and power.

This is the fusion screen. You get here by pressing the red arrow

You click items you do not want and they are sacrificed into the item you want to boost.

As you click the items it shows how much it is boosted see in my example the items would add +11 Hit Points to the 70 it has. and + 6 levels to the level.

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