How to get the maximum rating in the raid?

Having gotten minimum damage with a maxed supercharge protector on 3 malice beam and 2 drone hits, I’m genuinely perplexed as to how I placed 15th, as I had a perfect score previously.

nothing changes, it is still cheating.! @Sarah247


Wait, @KilliN is brazilian?


Like what’s so surprising?

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What’s wrong with this image?
do you think max score is 19000?
Just because you don’t know how to do it, stop whining about things.

You must remember one thing,


He got more than maximum score, on this season, do you noticed this?
Do you think he is cheating? I don’t think so,
There are several bugs on this game, and this is not players fault. Some players lost 1 day on raid (day doesn’t advanced), happened to me too. And do you think this is cheat?

Please, use your brain wisely.

Not really, its just nice to know there’s one guy brazilian here who works making sprites for the game, thats all… And i’m brazilian too, because of that i just asked :slight_smile:


Then you can wisely tell us, how it is possible to make such high scores :interrobang:

Also, if it would be a bug, then not only very less players would have that “issue”, their would be a lot having it :exclamation:

And if it is a glitch, where players can get an advantage about, you should report it to @Sarah247 :exclamation:


Thats is

I don’t want to help TS with current state of game.
If TS need some help, feel free to PM me after TS agree to do the following things:

  • Increase all boxes drop rate (at least drop rate on May 2018)
  • Decrease portal fuel cost (remembered that heat bomb portal only cost 5 fuel on hard mode) or double the fuel capacity
  • DO NOT nerf/buff items after it introduced (oh come on, you have bmmdev server)
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I’m not helping 'em, for any price.

Drop rates, costs, and other stuff can be changed again later.

Tokens? Worth shit.


Me either) 20 funny characters

even 1 damage will not give 18999 rating!
This is the proof! Just like the players on the previous screenshots did 13000, so you made yourself 18999, that is not to cause suspicion that you made not the maximum rating.

but all this is fraud.

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Oh, you so smart. I bet you hold the title of SM professor.

Pardon? Can you explain this, please?

Owwhh, you make me feel that i am a great hacker. I can hack FBI, NASA, and CERN now.

I remind you one more time,

Do you mean that cheaters are officially allowed? :rofl::rofl:

Correct me if i use wrong/bad english.

You don’t even answer my question, let say you can’t answer it

Wrong, please read again what is the maximum score of raid on day 5.

How much is you IQ? With what language should I speak with you?

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Good work guys!

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To get perfect score in raid, you need to do squats and arm stretches 400 times per day.

Also run a whole marathon 70 times per week. Then once you done that, you can now get the most perfecg score in raid.


What should be wrong about … please explain … because they are above you :question:

That are not perfect scores (which WE all know is not possible and players got banned for doing perfect scores, which are not possible) :exclamation:


Enough watch what these guys have resist to physical. Personally, I understand, but will @Sarah247 understand!

Do you know their inventory :question:


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