How to get season rewards after freezing

Unfortunately, this happened to me twice, but I found a way around it. On the freezing screen, use you ctrl shortcut to history, which should open a new window, then click clear browsing data. This should take you to what looks like a settings screen. Clear cache should already be selected, and press clear. I have not found out on phones/ other mobile devices, and this only works if you have not reloaded you supermech game. This works for both and Kongreate.


I didnt receive my seasons reward because my game crash but if im not on the freezing screen, I cant receive it ?

yes, this is what makes it bad, as well as needing a patch. This will not work if you are not on the freezing screen

Ya it happened to me also, crappy part is that I saw a BLACK drone rise out of the box then the screen froze. LOST IT !!! How can I get that black Drone back ??? I’ve been trying for a good drone for months…

MODERATORS if u see this hit me with the goods, I’m a solid member that got jipp’d on a sweet black drone that vaniished in front of my face. Like catching a 28LB fish then it falling off hook right before you pull him out of the water.

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This would have been helpful to me before I opened my rewards and reloaded the page XD

the ■■■■ is a “sweet black drone” no black drone comes from a box.

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No black items comes from a box.

You should have all items that you got in your inventory, just game didnt show you them
My game got freezed too and I didnt see what I got, but after reloading I got a new legend in my inventory that I havent had before

Ok thank you for letting me know, wonder what it was then… either way, thanks

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Same goes for me.
I actually panicked a little :stuck_out_tongue:
Restarted the game and everything was in its place.

At least on iOS, if there is ever a freeze or other reason that the items don’t display (whether from season rewards or anything else), they still show up in your inventory. Check you inventory number before you try to collect season rewards.