How to get rich fast?


Hi, let’s say I’m COMPLETELY new to SM, and I wanted to learn how to become a pro, what should I do?


How to get rich? I’m not sure, just don’t follow any of those “get rich quick” schemes. Those Ponzi schemes never benefit anyone.


Join bank Robbers clan


Dont buy any tokens. The idea is to become rich, and wasting money on ingame currency wouldnt help.


Make a clan “Rich because no tokens bought”



You will be mentally rich and smarter than most current players if you dont buy any tokens.


Very wise words from Kaen. :slight_smile:


Raid rich person’s trash bins

I hear they throw out their loose change on a regular basis. They didn’t really need those thousands of dollars.


Best option,
Call your broker, throw money at him to invest, he’ll throw money back at you when/if it pays off. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t know, even if you got rich I’m not sure I would put money into this game