How to get max points in Raid?

i want more points in rades

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Basically the less HP you lose the more points you get. To obtain max amount of points you cannot be hit by any enemy even once.

Ya wanna gold medal for that?


Nobody cares about that you need more points in raid. Also, your score is based on how many hitpoints you have left. So, it means you have to complete an entire raid level without getting hit. Which is impossible. So it means is impossible to get the highest score.

I have 877 hp. and I was reduced down to 607 hp. And I got 2,300 points. I honestly thought it might be around the 800 points.

Might be possible if you have Bunker Shell or any of those over powered damaging weapons.

It would be possible if you would cheat. And we can’t cheat :3

Maybe. But I am just saying, I saw someone do 400 damage in one turn with Bunker Shell

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Um… Just saying. You say HP is dependent on this? Look at this picture I did raid on today…

33 AM
Look at the HP and the score…

What’s your point here?

I put the picture up… but ok. So, the amount of points I got was 2755 points. My HP is 316 / 1036. The dude above. @Skiller-Legendary said it was dependent on the amount of hp you have left.

I’ve seen it, but looking at the way you phrased your sentence seemed to me you wanted to say your score is not dependent from your HP, which isn’t the case.

The little trick of reloading the page, no longer works in the raid.

Well, it seems a lie …! Worry about such a small thing and do nothing with the cheaters of game, that every week a new one appears!