How to get grim reaper torso?

My favorite torso is grim reaper but, how i can get it on premium box? It’s so hard.

need energy torso

you can get it in epic and rare too so go farm campaign, buy silver boxes and open the 2 free silver boxes.

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Grimm can be found in boxes, or drops from campaign.
You should have played the unicorn even that was live until a few moments ago, the epic chances were good.

I already played the unicorn level and i just got 2 legend it’s a leg and a melee weapon, i dont got any epic or legendary grim reaper torso

Grim Reaper starts from Rare, so it’s actually quite easy to get.

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I thought it starts from epic(but it starts feom rare). I only got it from epic.
Funny thing got all torsos from unicorn, including legendary archimond( i know it kinda sucks), but not a single Naga torso.

what’s with grim reaper?
there is something about the way items are given to players; i already have 2 grim reapers; is it better than nightmare,sith etc at maxed level.
well ,since we do not know the max level stats and looks of every weapon, we are not sure about which item to upgrade

I got 2 naga’s in 1 unicorn box.


Congrats, seams like evrybody has his/hers luck.
Its a decent torso, one of the good ones, along wedingo and brutality

Cant argue on that one.

fused at least 4 grim reaper torsos yesterday :3

Yeah it’s just random luck, but fortunately it’s a rare so it’s easy to get. I’ve probably found 10+.

Be grateful you got Bunker Shell… anything that’s good + legendary only is a huge advantage because it’s extremely hard to find.

i missed the unicorn event both times :frowning:

They show up in FREE boxes in RARE or sometimes EPIC.
I just got the RARE one from free box.
It will be very unlikely you get it from any box in the LEGENDARY form so just transform a RARE/EPIC version.

OR wait for a NAGA they’re floating around too…

is it good?
i farmed and the only good torso i got was Avenger

Grim Reaper is one of the best torsos if your mech uses a lot of Energy (This includes energy mechs).

But if you don’t have any legendary-mythical armor, you might want to avoid it as it has very low base HP.

k thnx for the heads up