How to get good with the new update

You know how some of you guys were complaining how you dropped down to rock bottom because of the new update causing everyone to suffer? Here’s what you do:

Get an item with potential. I’m assuming your years of playing SM should allow you to judge. As long as it can be upgraded to Mythical, it should be good.
For example, I’ve leveled up an ordinary Malice Beam up to Legendary.

It’s great.
Use your selected weapon in every turn of every battle. With this, you can succeed.
Kudos to you if you have an entire stock of weapons like those. You should be unstoppable.

Best wishes and prayers that I don’t encounter you in PVP, now that you’ve learned this tip. :wink:

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Which torso you use brutality or avenger ?

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I’m still using a diamond shell, but I’m considering going to a Wendigo. (I don’t have any of the famous ones)

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Is the nightmare/sith/interceptors good enough? Or do you reccomend looking for a more unique torso like grim reaper and such?

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Malice Wolf Weapon implemented :0

I’m also still digging I have only avenger torso its physical torso. I facing issue with inventory limit.


Generally if it fits your mech (your weapons type) you can give it a try. Try looking for better ones like rare instead of common before making a decision though (Epics and legendaries are usually best)

You do know that the best equipment does not show up as these ‘items with potential’

The new flame throwers, new death punch, new +hit points, new resist all item, and so on?

Tbh I can understand the weapons, but having the modules be one of these Legendary-Mythical items is just silly.

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I’m at level 30 I have just two module slot open, in which level I’ll get all module slot open ?