How to get free likes


I honestly forget about likes most of the time.


I don’t
That is a big problem for me
Dont forget about that this time


Are you sure. Because well :roll_eyes: I really don’t like @SeanChoi1870. I dislike him so much. So why try to get a like from someone I dislike.

The above is all a lie. If you notice that all the “like” are bold. I get likes from him everyday. Sean is very nice. Maybe I should make a post just for Sean, title “We all Love Sean.” Na…


You have never liked anything or anyone… ever.


I still hold the record?

I stopped liking everything a while ago, wouldn’t be surprised if someone overtook me


@SeanChoi1870 who gave you that title?

I want mine to be “sophisticated retard”


Marija gives you titles if you want… she took the underscore from my name for me


@Marija title me “Sophisticated Retard” pls, including the " " if possible


Are hearts likes? If so then I’ve given 3 or 4.


80% to Curzon lol

U love him


I gave out more likes than double the likes I got.


I received 3 times as much as I gave :eyes:


i´m very bad because i keep on giving likes way to much.




I bet soon Lord Curzon will be one of my most liked people…


Yes …

…Very soon
Gimme dat like


Just post 850 more times and you’ll overtake Winz in easy


Sure sure , that’ll happen in a few days :wink:


Well, Good Night…I’m going to sleep


Good night
Get ready to like my posts tommorow