How to get fortune box?


I see a player have a box called fortune box, i wonder how i can get it.


Play boss missions.

They are less common than regular item boxes.


I played the last level and i not got any fortune box thing?


You didn’t read my second sentence.


I have only had it drop from the first boss, and I’ve had about 10 of them


I had it drop from Bigboy earlier too, so it’s all boss missions now. :slight_smile:


10% to get a fortune box in a boss level


defeat a boss on insane



All the information you need is in this video…


I just got a fortune box with THREE items in it from Hard BigBoy. Anyone have this before? I didn’t get the pic of the fortune of box cuz I was too busy staring at it but i got the pic of three items, with one epic + two rares.


Yes, it’s a fairly rare alternative box that can drop from boss missions.

Gives 3 items, normally at least 1 epic in it. Similar to the boxes in the unicorn event.

The chances of a legendary is probably similar too.


@Fluxeon Wtf I always get Just one item?
The fortune box?


Bigboy ones give 3 items, maybe that’s the difference.


Haven’t tried Bigboy yet but
Isn’t that a waste of time though, since the Ramboy is way easy and faster?


just play ramboy 24/7


I was surprised to see bigboy drop a fortune box. Nice.


Is there another way to get a Fortune box?


is it posible to have a better chance bye doing it in insane mode