How to get fortune box


For those who didn’t know that you have a small chance to get fortune box is to fight many times at campaign battle,it dosen’t matter wich level you are. Good luck trying to get it and i hope it’s helpfull :smiley:


Well,thanks I guess…
But I am certain that everyone already knew that :sweat_smile:


Oh well i just made it for those who are new :slight_smile:


I thought you could only get them in boss fights? :thinking:


Yes,but you can also get it when you fight but it’s very rare to find it


You ONLY get them from boss battles,yeah…


It’s not Only from boss battles. Otherwise people wouldn’t be getting them from OD6.

You can get them from other places, only bosses have the better chance of them. Theoretically. (RNG is love eh).


sort of thanks for this but i guess most of the pro’s new that but not noobs


Como Se Consigue? ¿Y Desde Donde SE CONSIGUE? :v


what i cant under stand


I always get fortune boxes from mission 6 in The Overlords Den


on what mode i am doing normal


On normal mode…


what man my game does not like me then what level you i am 88


I ussualy get them at silent water’s level 5